BEST Art Specs


Digital art can be sent via e-mail, zip disk, or CD-ROM in PC or MAC formats. We prefer emailed files. For best results, create your art as vector art in Adobe Illustrator (or Corel Draw) and save as an EPS (encapsulated postscript). Convert your fonts to curves in Corel Draw. Convert your fonts to outlines in Adobe Illustrator. Our preferred format is AI files for screened orders and Adobe Photoshop (PSD) for four color process.


In order to give you the maximum quality imprint, we have developed some artwork guidelines, which include minimum line weights, minimum font sizes, etc. Artwork that does not conform to these guidelines can delay an order based on artwork received.

  • All copy should be 10 pts or higher.
  • Lines should be no thinner than 1 pt.
  • No artwork with a resolution of less than 300 dpi
  • JPEGS and PDF’s are accepted as hard proofs only.
  • Always send a hardcopy of art with your layout and other specifics by fax or mail.
  • We will redo halftones and reset copy when necessary.
  • DO NOT SEND PowerPoint, Word, Quark or Microsoft Publisher files.
  • For compression we recommend Stuffit or WinZip, or we can arrange other upload methods.


Best Promotions USA provides faxed proofs or e-mailed PDF proofs upon request. We will automatically send PDF proofs if we deem any uncertainty about the art to be printed. Actual product proofs and digital mock-ups are available. Please contact our sales department regarding pricing on all product proofs and digital mock-up requests.


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